Rönninge Gård
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Rönninge Gård is situated in Rönninge, between Stockholm and Södertälje. The pulse of the city is as near as 30 minutes by commuter train.

In a calm, beatiful environment you can have your conference, dinner or festive feast.


Embedded in lush verdure lies Rönninge Gård dating back to the 1480's. At this time it was owned by the squire Johan Pedersen Bååth.

The next owner was Börje Ericsson who in the year of 1538 sold the manor to king Gustav the first, who purchased both Uttringe and Rönninge gård for 146 marks.

After being in the ownership of several persons, the manor was inherited by the president of the Svea Court of Appeal; Peter Scheffer in 1693.

Since 1980 Rönninge Gård is owned by the Hedlund family who have adapted it for conference's, exhibitions and festivites.

Tel: +46 (0)8/532 501 80

Winter photo of our oldest building.